Your capacity doesn’t need to be expanded any more in the area of strategy or mapped out blueprints. You know all the strategies by now — the meetings, the goals, the measurements, the plans.

Any issue that happens beyond $200,000 in revenue, is capacity related, not strategy related. Even if you’re experiencing stuck-ness at $300,000, $500,000 or $2+ million… it has nothing to do with structure or strategy and has everything to do with capacity.

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Lisa has some kind of ‘magic’. Beyond what you have known before.
That word is bandied about a lot. This is real magic.

After just one call with Lisa I realized her powers snuck through the lines — and entered my deepest regions where I ever hid my shadows from myself. It was then we identified a culprit who was operating beyond my awareness and limiting my next level of leadership in an already very successful business. We named it, and suddenly I was freed of its ways. It instantly shifted a part me that I had struggled with for years and it has been different ever since. I am shy of the woo-woo people, too many out there. Lisa is not one of those; she is gifted, a priestess and inspired by the highest. Take a risk and be prepared for entering true change. Life changer. Game changer—is Lisa’s gift.

Debra Silverman, M.A. Astrology & Psychotherapist,

I’m going to show you how capacity (NOT strategy) is the key to a whole new way of being next year...