I know you’re the womxn who wants to live her life on a level most people never fathom. Your motto is excellence, not mediocrity. You choose discomfort over comfort, even and especially, if it means the outcome is a more sovereign, aligned, and peaceful you...

And I don’t want your capacity (or lack of it) holding you back from doing that, ever.

Are you ready for this?

Darla photo

My early coaches were amazing at helping me to soar past the half million point very quickly. Then I hit a plateau, growing minimally over the next few years. I’d invested in several high level masterminds with brilliant marketers, and tried many different strategies, but it didn’t shift my experience. I was becoming disheartened and bored. Lisa has helped me shift so many subtle energy patterns that led to major shifts in my business. I’m now in a place of such momentum and on track to more than double my business. But the best part is how happy I FEEL. I am so TUNED IN that I am running a much more peaceful business.

Darla LeDoux, CEO of Aligned Entrepreneurs,