The level of capacity you have to hold, expand, and RECEIVE the next level of your life and business is what is going to determine who you become.

And the level of capacity you have is heavily influenced by how supported you are in both your internal and external environments.

For example:

  • your daily life activities
  • the quality of the relationships with your partner, family, or friends
  • your daily energetic vibration
  • your self-care (not chocolate & bubble baths — I mean the real shit)
  • where you go to decompress and how that decompression happens
  • the A-players on your team and how they support you
  • alignment between your professional life and your legacy
  • boundaries that pull you into the next level version of yourself
  • your ability to energetically, emotionally, & peacefully handle the “big stuff” in life
  • welcoming new challenges that come with new horizons

In order to step into a new way of being in the world, your capacity level MUST expand. There is no “strategy” for this. Only the capacity work.

And how do you expand your capacity so you can actually hold and receive your next level? Well…