It’s all about aligning your internal and external world to match where you want to go next. Every area of your life needs to be in alignment with where you want to go.

If you don’t have that alignment, you simply won’t have the capacity to receive your next level.

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Working with Lisa helped me pivot out of an old, exhausting business model into one that I love. I doubled my prices... twice. Now I work less and make more money, and this is not a gimmick - it’s the Goddess’ honest truth! I’m clear about the value of my work, and am publishing a new book with my husband, positioning us to work at higher levels with corporate clients as well as my individual coaching.

Alex Jamieson, author, coach, co-creator of the Oscar-nominated
documentary, “Super Size Me” matter how badly you want it, what marketing funnel you have, or what famous business strategist you have in your corner.

I know this because I’ve worked with womxn who had all of these things and were stumped when the big opportunity showed up and they weren’t able to step up and step in.

Why? Because they didn’t have the capacity.

At this point, the questions you need to ask
yourself immediately are…