• How do I align ALL the areas of my life to match where I’m headed next?
  • What support do I need in all areas of my life, so I can experience exponential self-actualization next year?
  • Am I really ready to do the work required to expand and deepen my capacity?

Because if you don’t do this work, not much is going to change.

If you follow average advice, you’ll grow at an average rate.
If you don’t have next-level support you won’t reach the next level.


By prioritizing the expansion of your capacity next year.

Prioritizing it.

Not doing it after you’ve stuck another “system” onto your business, found the right productivity hack or added more to your already-full plate.


Building more capacity so that you can HOLD AND RECEIVE your next level is about packing up your current house and moving to a bigger house with more rooms.

When you spend more time on revenue maps and strategists than on your capacity,
all you’re doing is tacking on a cheap drywall room to the house you’ve outgrown.

Instead, how about moving to a larger house that has plenty of room to hold the next level of you?